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Where, on the site, is "Dance Your Old Age Away" ?

asked by Evan

2 Answers

Hello there, Evan.  "Dance You Old Age Away" is not yet uploaded and available for viewing.  I am currently working on a new set of music clips that you will access directly from the home page.  It might be a short while before this part of the site is up and running, but I will make sure that your request is met!
answered by markcantor
Thanks, Mark.  Hope it won't be too long....because I'm getting older every day!

Hello there, Evan  Sad to say, we are all getting older everyday.  On the other hand, my web designer is quite a bit younger than the two of us, and hopefully she will have the new link to jazz clips up this weekend.  As soon as that link is up and running, I will pull this film, transfer to the digital format and get it on the site for you to look at.

In the meantime, if you visit the site and travel the to section titled LEARN, and click on "Soundies and Other Jukebox Shorts," there is an article on Skeets Tolbert that details this particular SOUNDIE.
answered by anonymous