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Is there a copy of "Harlem Bound" (1935, Universal)?

I've made a litle research about singer Avis ANDREWS (she worked with Cab Calloway in 1936-37, '40-'41 and '44. See: http://www.thehidehoblog.com/blog/2012/04/avis-andrews-the-sepia-prima-donna) and she's supposed to appear in this short movie with Buck and Bubbles (singing "Truckin'"), Cook & Brown, "Pork Chops". All of them had the same infamous manager: Nat Nazzaro.

Have you ever seen this movie? This is apparently the only record of Avis Andrews voice... billed as "the sepia prima donna"!

Thank you for your reply.

asked by Jeff PITET

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This film was produced by Milton Schwarzwald's Mentone Productions for Universal.  All of the Mentone shorts (close to 80 featuring variety/music/dance performances) are hard to come by, and most have been unavailable for decades. While I have a copy of HARLEM BOUND, this is one of those shorts that I am not able to post or share.  But for your files, Avis Andrews sings That's What Harlem Means to Me, an unidentified title, and Truckin', on which she is joined by the rest of the cast.  If you have further questions, you can get to me directly at markcantor@aol.com
answered by markcantor